Products for Human Ailments

  • Wound Healing: This is a polyherbal formulation. It
    expels water/ pus from the wound and heals it rapidly.
    This is a one time application and heals 95% of the wounds in first ten days itself. No further application is required after it.
  • Ointment/ oil for facial/ blister wound marks: This polyherbal formulation is potential to remove patches/ marks from the skin.
  • For lactation: A polyherbal formulation for non lactating mothers.
  • Mouth Ulcer: This is an effective formulation for the treatment of ulcer.
  • Piles: 6 days dose for the treatment of any type of piles.
  • Tonic: A herbal tonic for perfect body toning and vitality.
  • Nutricandy: A candy for children for better immunity and health.
  • Herbal anthelmintic: A unique pill for removing intestinal worms
  • Wound plast/ spray: Herbal powder for small cuts and wounds

Cosmeceutical Products

Face Care

  • Face lifter for women and men: To remove wrinkles and scars that appears on the face as the age grows. This is a herbal powder that should be applied over the face as a mask for few minutes.
  • Skin toner: It's a cream based herbal formulation for toning of the facial skin.
  • Herbal Scrubber: A herbal cream to remove dead and burnt cells from the face.
  • Cream for pimples: A herbal cream to treat acne and scars.
  • Lip protection: This herbal cream with a vaseline base is very effective in treating cracks, sores and microbial infection that occurs over the lips.
  • Herbal Face packs: Very effective herbal face packs in various range (Aloe, Orange, Mint, Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Vegetables i.e. cucumber and spinach,) for charming look and smoothness of the skin with soothing effects.

Hair Care

  • Health hair and scalp: A poly herbal mixture that should be applied over the head

Oral Care

  • Tooth powder: A polyherbal powder for teeth whitening. It acts as a germ killer and also removes foul smell from the mouth.
  • Mouth wash: For mouth ulcer, foul smell and fresh breath.

Body Care

  • Sore or cracks of heal: This is a cheaper and very efficacious herbal formulation that heals cracked heels and palms.
  • Herbal hair shampoo for dandruff care: A purely herbal shampoo for hair wash and dandruff cure.
  • Herbal body wash: A herbal aromatic body wash with extracts of pure natural herbs.
  • Bath drops: Purely natural aromatic and essentials oils for adding in water during shower.

Energy, Vitality and Aphrodisiacs

  • Candy for impotency (male): A potential herbal candy for men for energy and vitality and also helps in restoring male potency.
  • Candy for impotency (female): A potential herbal candy for women that cures impotency
  • Low sperm count: Two months dose for regaining normal sperm count and vitality

Animal Health Care Products

  • Herbal bricks: For salt deficiency and better immunity in cattle
  • Cattle Infertility Medicine: Micro and macro- nutrient supplements along with few herbs that are essential for the treatment of cases of infertility in breeding cattle.
  • Prolapse of uterus: This polyherbal formulation helps in downward displacement of the vagina and uterus.
  • Dewormer: For killing intestinal worms and expelling them out.
  • Diarrhoea: Cures severe diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Bloat: A herbal formulation for gastric and stomach problems.

Agriculture Supporting Formulations

  • Herbal Pest Controller: The product contains decoction, extracts, oils and fresh plant material from the various parts (aerial/ underground)
  • Herbal Product for Plant Growth Promotion/ Leaf curl/ Shedding of aerial parts: The product contains decoction, extracts, oils and fresh plant material from the various parts (aerial/ underground)
  • Plant growth Promoter: A polyherbal formulation for the growth promotion

Utility Products

  • Tile cleaner: An eco friendly and purely herbal tile and surface cleaner with germ killing properties
  • Mosquito repellent cream: Herbal cream for repelling mosquitoes (for human application).
  • Surface cleaner with Mosquito repelling properties: Purely herbal solution for mosquito repelling from the places of public utility.
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